Uses of Class

Packages that use APDU

Uses of APDU in com.licel.jcardsim.samples

Methods in com.licel.jcardsim.samples with parameters of type APDU
 void HelloWorldApplet.process(APDU apdu)
          This method is called each time the applet receives APDU.

Uses of APDU in javacard.framework

Methods in javacard.framework that return APDU
static APDU APDU.getCurrentAPDU()
          This method is called to obtain a reference to the current APDU object.

Methods in javacard.framework with parameters of type APDU
abstract  void Applet.process(APDU apdu)
          Called by the Java Card runtime environment to process an incoming APDU command.

Uses of APDU in javacard.framework.service

Methods in javacard.framework.service with parameters of type APDU
 Exception Dispatcher.dispatch(APDU command, byte phase)
 boolean BasicService.fail(APDU apdu, short sw)
 byte BasicService.getCLA(APDU apdu)
 byte BasicService.getINS(APDU apdu)
 short BasicService.getOutputLength(APDU apdu)
 byte BasicService.getP1(APDU apdu)
 byte BasicService.getP2(APDU apdu)
 short BasicService.getStatusWord(APDU apdu)
 boolean BasicService.isProcessed(APDU apdu)
 void Dispatcher.process(APDU command)
 boolean Service.processCommand(APDU apdu)
 boolean RMIService.processCommand(APDU apdu)
 boolean BasicService.processCommand(APDU apdu)
 boolean Service.processDataIn(APDU apdu)
 boolean BasicService.processDataIn(APDU apdu)
 boolean Service.processDataOut(APDU apdu)
 boolean BasicService.processDataOut(APDU apdu)
 short BasicService.receiveInData(APDU apdu)
 void BasicService.setOutputLength(APDU apdu, short length)
 void BasicService.setProcessed(APDU apdu)
 void BasicService.setStatusWord(APDU apdu, short sw)
 boolean BasicService.succeed(APDU apdu)
 boolean BasicService.succeedWithStatusWord(APDU apdu, short sw)