Getting Source & Compiling

Building & Development

Source code

The official jCardSim source repository is located at


NOTE: jCardSim must be built on Windows, because the JCDK is no longer packaged for other platforms. However, the JAR files produced by the build are still cross-platform.

  1. Install the Java Development Kit (JDK) 8 from Oracle.

  2. Install the Java Card Classic Development Kit from Oracle, which provides the Java Card API classes. The installer should automatically set the JC_CLASSIC_HOME environment variable system-wide.

  3. Install Apache Maven, which is used to build jCardSim. Follow the installation tips to set the PATH and JAVA_HOME environment variables.

  4. From the directory containing the jCardSim source code, execute the following commands:

    mvn initialize
    mvn clean install


jCardSim is an open source project, and it would be a pleasure for us to see you as committers and contributors!

We are using the following principles in jCardSim's development process: