jCardSim GP: The GlobalPlatform Module for jCardSim

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We are happy to announce the release of jCardSim GP. This is a module for jCardSim that implements GlobalPlatform specification.
Using jCardSim with the commercial module, you access the industy standards: Java Card and GlobalPlatform. Thus, now you can use GP API for working with secure channels, interacting with GP registry and other functions defined in the standard. We would like to note that the latest version of jCardSim implements Java Card 3.0.5 Classic Edition, so you have got the right solution, which makes developing applets for the wide-spread versions of the platforms easy.

jCardSim Professional

Tags: globalplatform, java card 3.0.5

jCardSim is the award-winning Java Card Runtime simulator. The main goal of our project is to popularize the Java Card technology and developing of the platform for rapid creating and debugging Java Card applications. Also jCardSim has proven itself as a great educational environment for students around the world studying Java Card's applet programming. We received a lot of requests for support of additional features from companies and individuals who use jCardSim in their commercial projects.

Call for Use Cases, Testimonials, Success Stories, Feedback...

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Hi everyone!
Thank you so much for your support! We really appreciate this! It gives us the energy to keep developing jCardSim!
We would like to ask you how are you using jCardSim in your business, in your school or university, in your research institute, or even at home? This feedback will help us to understand your needs and expectations more clear. If you have any great stories about using jCardSim, please share them with us and with jCardSim users around the world. That would be great!

The Poll Results

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Hi friends,

We are here with the results of our last year's poll about further development of jCardSim. First of all let us thank you for the voting and for giving us your feedback.

A new version of the jCardsim released

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Hi friends.

We just have released a new version of the jCardSim. The results of Raspberry Pi Hackathon were merged to master branch.

Important note. Simulator API has been changed a little bit, we did our best to preserve backward compatibility, details are in the Quick Start Guides (Simulator API and CLI) and JavaDoc.

[+] Changes from Raspberry_Pi_Hackathon branch were merged to master
[+] Added ALG_AES_MAC_128_NOPAD support

The jCardSim's Poll

We decided to make a poll about priority of jCardSim new features to be implemented in 2014. You can vote multiple features.
The feature that receives the most votes will be implemented in the first place, then second voted feature, and so on. As it is very important for the project we ask you to give us your feedback by voting and to tell about this poll everyone you know who might be interested in jCardSim and Java Card Platform. Voting is open until 31st of January 2014.

Thank you very much!

jCardsim and Raspberry Pi Hackathon

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Hi all,

We had a few interesting happenings in the life of our project during November and we would like to tell you about them.

Duke’s Choice Award Statue is finally here in Moscow! Hurray! Thanks to Oracle and judges once again!

Last week our team had the Raspberry Pi Hackathon. Our goal was to come up with a plan of how to bring together jCardSim and Raspberry Pi, and to implement it.