The Poll Results

Tags: jcardsim, globalplatform, Java Card, android

Hi friends,

We are here with the results of our last year's poll about further development of jCardSim. First of all let us thank you for the voting and for giving us your feedback.

Ok, let's get to results. On the first place is On-card GlobalPlatform API support 2.2.1. In this connetction our plan is to implement GlobalPlatform functionality within a Q1+April of 2014 and release it by 1st of May 2014. The second place is shared between jCardSim for Android, NFC and Support for Java Card 2.2.x. As for Java Card 2.2.x, we have started the work in the beginning of 2014 and some of functionality is already availabe in the branch jc2.2.2, its readiness allow us to think we can release it by 1st of March. Now we are prioritizing work on Android functionality. Java Card 3.0.x Classic Edition is on the third place, as JC 2.2.2 is ready we will be able to start implementing 3.0.x functionality. After all these tasks we will add configurable RAM/EEPROM simulation.

Priorities, based on the poll:

  • 0. Support for Java Card 2.2.x (partially available, jc2.2.2 branch, early March 2014)
  • 1. On-card GlobalPlatform API support 2.2.1 (approx. Early May 2014)
  • 2. jCardSim for Android, NFC (approx. Mid May 2014)
  • 3. Support for Java Card 3.0.x Classic Edition (approx. Late September 2014)
  • 4. Configurable RAM/EEPROM simulation (approx. Mid Q4 2014)

Thank you all. Please keep in touch with us.