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jCardSim is the award-winning Java Card Runtime simulator. The main goal of our project is to popularize the Java Card technology and developing of the platform for rapid creating and debugging Java Card applications. Also jCardSim has proven itself as a great educational environment for students around the world studying Java Card's applet programming.

We received a lot of requests for support of additional features from companies and individuals who use jCardSim in their commercial projects. The most frequent requests were for:

  • GlobalPlatform
  • SIMToolkit
  • Custom-builds with ability to configure a set of packages and functionality
  • IDE for Java Card application development

We are pleased to announce that now we have the solution for you - jCardSim commercial subscription. The subscription includes the creation of required JavaCard/GlobalPlatform configuration for a customer and its support and maintenance.

The cost of the subscription depends on the configuration, shipment type (source code, binary code), and requirements to the technical support.

At the moment the following packages are available:

Java Card

  • Java Card Classic Edition 2.2
  • Java Card Classic Edition 3.0.4
  • Java Card Classic Edition 3.0.5 (September 1, 2015)

GlobalPlatform 2.2.1

  • Mapping Guidelines of existing GP 2.1.1 implementation on v2.2
  • ID Configuration
  • Custom Configuration
    1. Security Domains (Supplementary Security Domains, Security Domain with Token Verification Privilege, Security Domain with Authorized Management Verification Privilege, Security Domain with Delegated Management Privilege, Security Domain with Receipt Generation Privilege
    2. CVM
    3. Secure Channel (SCP02,SCP03)
    4. GPAPI
    5. RSA, RSAv2 cryptography
    6. ECC cryptography
    7. DES/AES cryptography
    8. Confidential Card Content Management Card Specification v2.2 - Amendment A
    9. Security Upgrade for Card Content Management Card Specification v 2.2 – Amendment E

SIM Application Toolkit

Please don't hesitate to send us your inquiry or any questions at primary@licelus.com

Best Regards,
jCardSim Team

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