The new version of jCardSim released!

New functions and features:

  • Java RMI support added
  • The javacard.framework.service API support added
  • Added ability to install and work with several applets
  • The Shareable interface support improved
  • Added ability to reset VM into its initial state (cold reset)
  • Now jCardSim passes all test cases from Java Card Development Kit 2.2.1

Thanks you for being with us!

Slides from our session at JavaOne Russia 2013

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We would like to say great thanks for everybody who was on our session at JavaOne Russia 2013, for all who help us to develop and maintain this project! It was a pleasure to see great guys who are using our product for study purposes and for enterprise needs. As it turned out, one of the market leaders (STK/DSTK, USSD and (I)CB technologies) in Russia and CIS use jCardSim. We are very satisfied with this result. It was a very hard road and now we understand that all this not for nothing. Thanks again!

Development plan and News

Java Card developers,
we are glad seeing your interest to our project. Since the launch of the official website of jCardSim was only 2 weeks, and every day we see that the number of users jCardSim constantly growing, and by reports from Google Analytics we can learn geography.

jCardSim - Java Card is Simple!

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Java Card is one of widely deployed Java technology, today we have more then billion devices with Java Card support. Almost all bank cards with a chip and SIMs supports Java Card.
And with the development of NFC-technology area of ​​Java Card applications is expanding even more. In the same time learning of Java Card, development and debugging is a quite difficult process.