jCardSim GP: The GlobalPlatform Module for jCardSim

Tags: globalplatform, java card 3.0.5

We are happy to announce the release of jCardSim GP. This is a module for jCardSim that implements GlobalPlatform specification.

Using jCardSim with the commercial module, you access the industry standards: Java Card and GlobalPlatform. Thus, now you can use GP API for working with secure channels, interacting with GP registry and other functions defined in the standard.

Main features of the GP module:

  • GPAPI (GlobalPlatform 2.2.1), including the support for SCP02/SCP03

We would like to note that the latest version of jCardSim implements Java Card 3.0.5 Classic Edition, so you have got the right solution, which makes developing applets for the wide-spread versions of the platforms easy.

The module is available today! It can be purchased here.

jCardSim GP module comes with basic support, which inсludes:

  • Setup assistance
  • Bug Fixes
  • Response time of 4 business days

If you are interested in premium support, please request a quote.

The trial version is also available, please request it via email.

Oracle, Java and Java Card are trademarks of Oracle Corporation, GlobalPlatform is the trademark of GlobalPlatform, Inc.