Package javacard.framework

Interface Summary
AppletEvent The AppletEvent interface provides a callback interface for the Java Card runtime environment to inform the applet about life cycle events.
ISO7816 ISO7816 encapsulates constants related to ISO 7816-3 and ISO 7816-4.
MultiSelectable The MultiSelectable interface identifies the implementing Applet subclass as being capable of concurrent selections.
PIN This interface represents a PIN.
Shareable The Shareable interface serves to identify all shared objects.

Class Summary
AID This class encapsulates the Application Identifier (AID) associated with an applet.
APDU Application Protocol Data Unit (APDU) is the communication format between the card and the off-card applications.
Applet This abstract class defines an Java Card technology-based applet.
JCSystem The JCSystem class includes a collection of methods to control applet execution, resource management, atomic transaction management, object deletion mechanism and inter-applet object sharing in the Java Card environment.
OwnerPIN This class represents an Owner PIN, implements Personal Identification Number functionality as defined in the PIN interface, and provides the ability to update the PIN and thus owner functionality.
Util The Util class contains common utility functions.

Exception Summary
APDUException APDUException represents an APDU related exception.
CardException The CardException class defines a field reason and two accessor methods getReason() and setReason().
CardRuntimeException The CardRuntimeException class defines a field reason and two accessor methods getReason() and setReason().
ISOException ISOException class encapsulates an ISO 7816-4 response status word as its reason code.
PINException PINException represents a OwnerPIN class access-related exception.
SystemException SystemException represents a JCSystem class related exception.
TransactionException TransactionException represents an exception in the transaction subsystem.
UserException UserException represents a User exception.